Agriculture Brief

Delivering first-rate tomato paste requires one solitary thing over and beyond everything else: Quality tomatoes. Just as the paste is absolutely dependent on the quality of the tomato, so is the processing wholly dependent on the agriculture; the most advanced processing techniques can never make up for bad agricultural practices. Agriculture and processing are intertwined, one feeds the other: the agriculture provides quality tomatoes in order for the processing to deliver first-rate paste. Consequently, we deem that careful selection of our farming partners, as well as our interest and involvement in the agricultural process is an outright necessity. Focusing solely on the processing side is not sufficient.

We are at the forefront of pioneering an outright revolution of the Egyptian tomato industry; from instituting new concepts and business models to introducing and implementing the latest technologies. In order to full-fill our demand quota for quality raw tomatoes we do not randomly out-source to numerous and ever-changing contract farmers. Rather, we choose to meticulously select long-term agriculture partners with whom there is intangible, un-breakable trust; partners we can build, aspire, and push through limits with. This is the underlying base, the fundamental ethos that breeds our unrivaled sustainable success.

Having identified using intensive labor during the planting/harvesting process as one of the biggest risks facing our planting partners we have been the first company in Egypt to buy and introduce high-tech mechanical planters/harvesters. By renting out our planters/harvesters we increase our bottom line as well as making sure we get the tomatoes in a smooth and timely manner. Consequently, we also allow our farmers to greatly mitigate risk, harvest faster, and critically decrease costs. P&J also supplies its partners with top quality plantlets and tomato plant breeds. This ensures both that our final product quality remains constant and without variation, and that our farmers plant a strong, high-yielding plant that they will nurture during the season. We, hand in hand with our farmers, create an environment of communication, understanding, and most importantly trust. By openly exchanging knowledge and choosing partners who are willing to innovate and implement the newest technologies and agricultural practices we always strive to reach new heights.

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