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Our export team consists of sales & logistics members who promoted an excellent worldwide track record of exporting to Europe, Middle East, Africa, Latin America, etc. Our volume of exportations to Europe reached 70%, while our exportations to Asia amounted to 20% and to Arab Countries & MENA are 10%.

Our export/sales team successfully managed to sell a wide range of our products to Europe. We are also considered one of the first companies successfully penetrated UK markets. Our journey of success greatly expanded to cover serving many countries worldwide and our products were approved in all destinations we are so far dealing with. (See the details about our export expansion below). Our export services are distinguished for their quick procedures, punctuality of deadlines and consideration of customer’s expectations and satisfaction.

Egypt is famous for its strategic location, as it is the main gate to/from Africa. This advantage has encouraged Egypt to be distinguished in terms of the transit time; which facilitates logistic relationships with Africa, Asia and Europe. In addition, Egypt signed many significant world free trade agreements, such as (GAFTA) with the Arab League, COMESA with Africa and EUR 1, Euro-Mediterranean Partnership (Euromed) with the European Union (EU) and so on. Consequently, this has helped us as a (production/export) company to be distinguished for our logistics and transit times for shipments sent to most regions. The favourable climate of Egypt further can help us to plant 300 days per year (by following the sun) all over Egypt. This encourages us to become at the top of the countries exporting tomato worldwide.

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