Why Us

P&J’s ownership and senior management have collectively over 120 years of proven global business experience from world class farming to sophisticated manufacturing to international specialty serving in the oil sector of exporting fresh fruit into the EU.The Company is proud to be a highly integrated operation.

P&J maintains a corporate philosophy of controlling the quality of all their products initiating from the farm to manufacturing, until ultimately reaching the consumer’s table.P&J is committed to using only the highest quality raw ingredients in processing all of its products in the company’s state of art manufacturing facility. The company employs the latest technology and good manufacturing practices to consistently produce its superior line of products.

Our Vision…
To become one of the lead top 10 lead tomato paste producers in the world, and becoming the benchmark manufacturing company for the concentrated paste industry, providing world-class products to satisfied clients through continuous improvement driven by the integrity, teamwork and dedication of our people.

Our Mission…
For our Clients,To provide the most attainable quality products, to be unique in our performance and to progressively achieve a higher degree of product and process development.
To always service the client by providing consistency, value, taste, and accessibility.
We will not tolerate wrongdoing and will do the job once and will do the job right.
To be flexible, spirited, and ready to undertake any challenges ahead.

For our Employees,
To create an environment where entrepreneurship and enhancement is rewarded.
Teamwork, loyalty, and good communication is our tradition.

For our Management,
To live the pulse of operations and carefully prepare the company to constantly meet and exceed expectations.
To listen to our clients wants and to challenge our workers wills.
To implement a process together, manufacture, and sell the product in the most efficient and professional manner. 

Contact Us

Office : +2 (02) 330 565 62

Factory : +2 (048) 265 8013